AI Voice Technology: The Future of Podcasting with Carl Robinson

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We live in exciting times. In recent years, there’s been an emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and AI Voice technology. Once the realm of science fiction, this technology has become a reality for businesses and organizations around the world.

In this episode, we will have Carl Robinson, co-founder CEO of Rumble Studio, and also the founder and host of the Voice Tech Podcast and Audio Leads podcast. He will share with us what the future of podcasting looks like and how his company, Rumble Studio, can help podcasters create their episodes 10x faster without breaking a sweat.

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About the Guest:

Carl Robinson, co-founder CEO of Rumble Studio (funded & hiring), and also the founder and host of the Voice Tech Podcast and Audio Leads podcast.

In this episode, we cover:

  • What is an interactive voice technology? A look at what Rumble Studio can do to make podcasters life easier.
  • How safe is Voice Cloning?
  • How can Rumble Studio overcome the “human connection” of a podcast interview?
  • Is podcasting heading towards a bright future?

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