Episode 15: Tamang UITF Batay sa Iyong Financial Objectives

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Retironaryo Episode 15: Tamang UITF Batay sa Inyong Financial Objectives

In this episode, we discuss more closely the concept of a UITF, and in particular we looked

into BPI funds as an example. We discussed how you select the appropriate UITF

based on your personal profile when you apply to be assessed and we also

discussed how to “read” or analyse the figures.

We also partly talked about advantages of UITF and how much money you can save to buy UITF and using a calculator we projected your future potential income when you diligently save and deposit every 6 months.

We also discussed a tool developed by Jarvis to assist you in the analysis of the UITF in your process of selection.


We mentioned in this video that this is an EXAMPLE of how you can get started in Philippine investing especially if you do not know much about stock investing but are keen to save and deposit into UITF every 6 months. We show you not the only way but a potential you can consider depending on your personal situation.

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Episode 15