Episode 16: Retirement Plan: A Proposal for the Employees of a Private Rural School

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How do we try to implement a retirement concept or plan based on what we learned so far in Retironaryo? In this episode we have considered how a retirement plan can be achieved using pooled funds to purchase UITF to replace or supplement any SSS benefits being received to achieve a better retirement fund at age 65. In this episode we used a private school in a rural area (with a group of teacher in consideration of their age and current salaries) to demonstrate that it is possible and it can be achieved! This might help them rise above the challenges of “kahirapan” by devoting 5% of their monthly salary to invest for their future.

You too can do this with a group that you trust and who want to share in your dream, even without a sponsor as in the case of this proposal shown to you.

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Episode 16